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This is the official Openmoko kernel git repo.
Branches tracking upstream head
   Linus' tree The ultimate upstream
   rmk-next ARM Linux stuff pending for Linus
   master Ben Dooks' port of Samsung s3c64xx BSP to mainline
   mokopatches-tracking Our legacy patchset from May 2008 when we changed to git, rebased against master
   stable-tracking Our working patchset rebased against mokopatches-tracking but with no pending upstream patches - eventually all patches end up in here but not until all patches they are based on are actually upstream
   pending-tracking stable-tracking plus pending upstream patches, fed by eg, balaji-tracking
   andy-tracking Work on top of pending-tracking so it is able to make use of all the pending upstream patches
End-user branches
   stable Our shipping stable patchset derived from andy-tracking and backported patches from there
Cloning the kernel repo
You can clone this project (gets you all branches) using this:

git clone git:// linux-2.6

after you cloned the project, you will need to switch to a branch, eg

git checkout origin/andy-tracking

since the default master branch doesn't contain any openmoko patches.
You also need to cp ./arch/arm/configs/gta02_defconfig .config before building
Use the ./build script to build the kernel -- you may need to edit it to set the path to your cross toolchain before use.

Give a dummy parameter to the build script to get it to create a tarball of modules too.