2008-12-06 Lars-Peter... When compiling for old abi gcc is generating two 8bit... master github/master
2008-11-17 Jeremy ChangEnable MONOTONIC_CLOCK. This is to fix #2113.
2008-10-30 John LeePatch from #1244 to fix coordinates in scaled mode...
2008-08-07 Chris BallFix x-coord of input when rotated.
2008-07-28 Holger Hans... [xinerama] Honor the configure option and disable xiner...
2008-07-23 Holger Hans... [keyboard] Do not send keycodes >= NR_KEYS to kdrive...
2008-06-25 Holger Hans... [keyboard] Use the proper source for the high keyboard...
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... [keyboard] Support keycodes > 127 on linux using the...
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... [glamo] Make use of the evdev variable in the init...
2008-06-20 OEuse the right tslib version oe-patches github/oe-patches
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... renderproto-compile.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... xcalibrate_coords.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... hide-cursor-and-ppm-root.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... fix_default_mode.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... disable-xf86-dga-xorgcfg.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... kdrive-use-evdev.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... kdrive-evdev.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... enable-builtin-fonts.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... kmode-palm.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... enable-tslib.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... optional-xkb.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... fbdev-not-fix.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... no-serial-probing.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... disable-apm.patch
2008-06-20 Holger Hans... kmode.patch
2008-04-17 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] cleanup video timings
2008-04-17 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] allow reseting of the command queue memory...
2008-04-14 Dodji Seketeli[xglamo] fix a typo that was causing a black screen...
2008-04-11 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] attempt to fix the "green line" bug.
2008-04-08 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] unbreak the build
2008-04-07 Dodji Seketeliimplement EXA hooks for 2D accel.
2008-03-25 Dodji Seketelimake sure to use a frame refresh freq of 72Hz in portrait
2008-03-13 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo]: properly wait/flush the command queue for...
2008-02-06 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] cleanup logging stuff
2008-02-04 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] plug StopVideo and ReputImage calls.
2008-02-01 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] fix breakage due to files renaming
2008-02-01 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] rename some files for the sake of clarity.
2008-02-01 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] XVideo: udpated authorship
2008-02-01 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] XVideo: first attempt at prope handling of...
2008-02-01 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] misc cleanup in the hw accessing code
2008-01-30 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] make xvideo work again.
2008-01-30 Dodji Seketeliupdate authorship.
2008-01-09 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] fix pixelclock setting when rotating to normal
2008-01-09 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo] properly handle rotation back to default mode.
2008-01-09 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo/Kaa] don't request offscreen vram when there...
2008-01-09 Dodji Seketeli[Kdrive] don't crash when offscreen memory size == 0
2008-01-09 Dodji Seketeli[kaa]: don't crash offscreen vram size == 0
2008-01-09 Dodji Seketeli[Xglamo]: properly select a default mode in randr
2008-01-08 Dodji SeketeliInitial RandR support
2007-12-06 Dodji Seketeliremove references to DMA in glamo code.
2007-12-04 Dodji Seketelirebase on olv xv latest work
2007-12-04 Dodji Seketelirebase to olv latest 2D work
2007-11-30 Dodji Seketeliremove vesa related code
2007-11-30 Dodji Seketeliremove dri related code
2007-11-30 Dodji Seketelifix artifact on scroll
2007-11-30 Dodji Seketelicleanup xglamo logging
2007-11-30 Dodji SeketeliAdd build system files to compile glamo
2007-11-30 Dodji Seketelifirst glamo patch.
2007-08-18 Alan CoopersmithXephyr: fix immediat segfault on amd64
2007-04-22 Keith PackardDisable use of xf86RandR12TellChanged when unavailable...
2007-04-20 Keith PackardUpdate version to
2007-04-20 Keith PackardDisable SourceValidate in rotation to capture cursor.
2007-04-20 Keith PackardWas accidentally disabling rotation updates in mode...
2007-04-18 Erik AndrénSyncmaster 226 monitor needs 60Hz refresh (#10545).
2007-04-16 Keith PackardAllow outputs to be explicitly enabled in config, overr...
2007-04-16 Keith PackardUse default screen monitor for one of the outputs.
2007-04-16 Keith Packardtypo in built-in module log message
2007-04-16 Keith PackardRandR 1.2 spec says CRTC info contains screen-relative...
2007-04-13 Keith PackardAdd quirk for Acer AL1706 monitor to force 60hz refresh.
2007-04-09 Keith PackardRotate screen size as needed from RandR 1.1 change...
2007-04-09 Keith PackardDisable CRTC when SetSingleMode has no matching mode...
2007-04-09 Keith PackardIn AIGLX EnterVT processing, invoke driver EnterVT...
2007-04-06 Keith PackardBump to version (1.3 RC5)
2007-04-06 Matthieu HerrbCVE-2007-1003: XC-MISC Extension ProcXCMiscGetXIDList...
2007-04-06 Tomas JanousekBug #10296: Fix timer rescheduling.
2007-04-06 Keith PackardBump version to (1.3 RC4)
2007-04-02 Keith PackardDon't erase current crtc for outputs on CloseScreen
2007-03-27 Keith PackardSet version to (1.3 RC3)
2007-03-27 Michel DänzerBump video driver ABI version to 1.2.
2007-03-27 Michel DänzerAdd per-drawable Xv colour key helper function.
2007-03-27 Michel Dänzerfbdevhw: Only deal with RGB weight if default visual...
2007-03-27 Michel Dänzerfbdevhw: Consider mode set equal to mode requested...
2007-03-27 Michel Dänzerfbdevhw: Override RGB offsets and masks after setting...
2007-03-27 Michel Dänzerfbdevhw: Use displayWidth for fbdev virtual width when...
2007-03-27 Michel Dänzerfbdevhw: Fix some issues with the previous commit.
2007-03-27 Michel Dänzerfbdevhw: Consolidate modeset ioctl calling, report...
2007-03-24 Keith PackardMake pending properties force mode set. And, remove...
2007-03-23 Keith PackardEnsure that crtc desired values track most recent mode.
2007-03-23 Keith PackardIncorrect extra memory copy in RRChangeOutputProperty.
2007-03-23 Keith PackardFix Pending property API, adding RRPostPendingProperty.
2007-03-23 Keith PackardMake sure RandR events are delivered from RRCrtcSet.
2007-03-23 Keith PackardClean up xf86CrtcRec and xf86OutputRec objects at Close...
2007-03-23 Keith PackardClear allocated RandR screen private structure.
2007-03-20 Keith PackardClean up Rotate state on server reset.
2007-03-18 Keith PackardSlow down DDC I2C bus using a RiseFallTime of 20us...
2007-03-18 Keith PackardRemove extra (and wrong) I2C ByteTimeout setting in...
2007-03-16 Keith PackardCorrect ref counting of RRMode structures
2007-03-15 Keith PackardDon't wedge when rotating more than one CRTC.
2007-03-15 Keith PackardAllow xf86_reload_cursors during server init.
2007-03-15 Keith PackardCreate driver-independent CRTC-based cursor layer.