descriptionProduction testing software for GTAxx
last changeMon, 21 Jul 2008 04:33:54 +0000 (12:33 +0800)

You can clone this project using this:

git clone git:// .

If you have installed the cross toolchain from here
for DM2 you can cd to gta02-dm2 and run ./build. If you configured usb0 device also, then ./remote_install
will copy over your built dm2 and associated tslib binaries to the GTA02 and install it.
2008-07-21 Matt Hsu - average CN should be obtained from top 3 CNs instea... master github/master
2008-07-18 Matt changes for GPS test
2008-07-14 Mattgta02-gps-improve.patch
2008-06-17 Mattgta02-dm2-rm-quit-btn.patch
2008-06-06 Anthony Changadd DM1 uboot testing item
2008-06-05 Anthony Changfix some DM1 test utility in kernel bug
2008-06-05 Anthony Changchange kernel config generate behavior
2008-06-04 Anthony Changremove gsmd code in DM2
2008-06-04 Anthony Changupgrade kernel for DM1 to 2.6.24
2008-06-02 Anthony Changfix-motion-sensors-test-bottom-extend-tol.patch
2008-05-30 Andy Greenfix-end-test-when-child-process-terminates.patch
2008-05-30 Andy Greenfix-hcitool-cmdline.patch
2008-05-27 Anthony Changbuild for DM1 kernel, include rootfs
2008-05-27 Anthony Changfix GSM bug
2008-05-19 Anthony ChangFix GSM for show PASS/FAIL, switch internal/external...
2008-05-15 Andy Greenimprove-motion-test.patch
10 years ago master