descriptionHolger's qtopia repo
last changeSun, 7 Dec 2008 00:52:10 +0000 (01:52 +0100)
2008-12-07 Holger Freyther[keyboard] Add a manual layout switch button to the... master github/master
2008-12-07 Holger FreytherMake gcc 4.3 with fortify happy...
2008-12-02 Jeremy Chang[dialer] Use show() instead of showMaximized() when...
2008-11-28 I-Fan, Chenremove unnecessary setting of default value.
2008-11-27 Marco Trevisan Add the CallVolume setting to configuration (set by...
2008-11-27 Marco Trevisan Update the callscreen volume slider according to the new
2008-11-27 Marco Trevisan The qtopia phone profile supported only the Volume...
2008-11-26 Guillaume[phonebook] Show a warning when we modify a contact...
2008-11-23 I-Fan, ChenCall Volume: Set the default Call Volume to 4 For Neo...
2008-11-22 I-Fan, ChenVolume Control Slide Bar.
2008-11-18 erin[gsm/fitgta01]
2008-11-18 erinenable QtopiaServer log for debugging
2008-11-05 erin[gsm/ficgta01] send SIM ready if we get %CSTAT: PHB...
2008-11-05 erin[gsm/ficgta01] set Phone full functionality from AT...
2008-10-15 Marco Trevisan... [call echo] adding Ficgta01ModemHiddenFeatures, allows...
2008-10-15 I-Fan, Chen[call echo] enable the echo cancle mode whenever a...
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