descriptionOpenmoko's OpenEmbedded repository. This is used to build the Openmoko distribution
last changeMon, 12 Jan 2009 00:56:27 +0000 (01:56 +0100)
This is the Bitbake tree of Openmoko. It is a copy of the upstream Bitbake with a couple of changes.

You can clone this project using this:
git clone git:// openmoko
After you cloned the project you can decide between the available branches. You can pick or org.openmoko.april-update. The dev branch is the development tree, the april-update is used for product stabilisation.
git checkout origin/org.openmoko.april-update to get the stable tree
2009-01-12 Mirko Lindnertypo ... in paroli rev
2009-01-11 Mirko Lindnerchanged git revision for paroli -- PIN fix
2009-01-08 Mirko Lindnerfix paroli git URL thx rwhitby
2009-01-07 Mirko Lindnerchanged URL to paroli.git
2009-01-07 Rod WhitbyRemoved erroneous files that look like they've been...
2009-01-07 Rod Whitbychecksums.ini: Added libftdi-0.9.tar.gz
2009-01-06 Mirko LindnerMerge branch '' of ssh://git@git.openmo...
2009-01-06 Mirko Lindnersmall changes in paroli
2009-01-05 Chia-I Wuudev-static-devices: Untar the tarball in postinst...
2009-01-05 Chia-I Wuudev: skip coldplug only when there are static nodes...
2009-01-02 Mirko Lindnerreadded starling
2009-01-02 Mirko Lindnerremoving paroli-gui && paroli-dialer
2009-01-02 Mirko LindnerMerge branch '' of ssh://git@git.openmo...
2008-12-31 Holger Hans... illume-theme-asu: Build revision 4881 of the theme...
2008-12-18 Guillaume Chereauparoli: initial import of the bb file
2008-12-17 Jeremy Bump up om-locations to the latest.
10 years ago openmoko/releases/2008.12 This is Openmoko 2008.12
10 years ago openmoko/releases/2008.9 This is Openmoko 2008.9
10 years ago openmoko/releases/2008.8 This is Openmoko 2008.8!
10 years ago org.openmoko.stable
10 years ago
10 years ago historic/org.openmoko.asu.stable
10 years ago historic/org.openmoko.asu.testing
10 years ago historic/
10 years ago historic/