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2009-02-06 mergeMERGE-via-pending-tracking-hist-MERGE-via-stable-tracki...
2009-01-22 mergeMERGE-via-pending-tracking-hist-MERGE-via-stable-tracki...
2008-11-19 Sean McNeilandroid-tracking.patch
2008-11-07 Jeremy Fitzhardingevmap: cope with vm_unmap_aliases before vmalloc_init()
2008-11-06 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2008-11-06 Gerald Schaefermemory hotplug: fix page_zone() calculation in test_pag...
2008-11-06 Qinghuang Fengmm/oom_kill.c: fix badness() kerneldoc
2008-11-06 David Rientjesvmemmap: warn about page_structs with remote distance
2008-11-06 Christoph Lametermm: move migrate_prep out from under mmap_sem
2008-11-06 David Rientjesoom: do not dump task state for non thread group leaders
2008-11-06 Andy Whitcrofthugetlb: pull gigantic page initialisation out of the...
2008-11-06 Andy Whitcrofthugetlbfs: handle pages higher order than MAX_ORDER
2008-11-06 Russell King[ARM] fix naming of MODULE_START / MODULE_END
2008-10-30 Alan Coxnfsd: fix vm overcommit crash
2008-10-30 Randy Dunlapmm: fix kernel-doc function notation
2008-10-30 Nick Pigginfs: remove prepare_write/commit_write
2008-10-23 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'proc' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-10-23 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: fix page_cgroup allocation
2008-10-23 Paul Mundtmm: page_cgroup needs linux/vmalloc.h for vmalloc_node...
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/zoneinfo boilerplate to mm/vmstat.c
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/vmstat boilerplate to mm/vmstat.c
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/pagetypeinfo boilerplate to mm/vmstat.c
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/buddyinfo boilerplate to mm/vmstat.c
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/vmallocinfo to mm/vmalloc.c
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/slabinfo boilerplate to mm/slub.c...
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/slab_allocators boilerplate to mm...
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: switch /proc/meminfo to seq_file
2008-10-20 Huang Weiyimm: remove duplicated #include's
2008-10-20 Hugh DickinsExport tiny shmem_file_setup for DRM-GEM
2008-10-20 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2008-10-20 Adrian Bunkmake mm/rmap.c:anon_vma_cachep static
2008-10-20 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: allocate all page_cgroup at boot
2008-10-20 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: atomic ops for page_cgroup->flags
2008-10-20 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: optimize per-cpu statistics
2008-10-20 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: avoid accounting special pages
2008-10-20 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: make page->mapping NULL before uncharge
2008-10-20 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: move charge swapin under lock
2008-10-20 Brice Goglinmm: extract do_pages_move() out of sys_move_pages()
2008-10-20 Brice Goglinmm: don't vmalloc a huge page_to_node array for do_page...
2008-10-20 Brice Goglinmm: stop returning -ENOENT from sys_move_pages() if...
2008-10-20 Nathan Fontenotmemory hotplug: release memory regions in PAGES_PER_SEC...
2008-10-20 Gerald Schaefersetup_per_zone_pages_min(): take zone->lock instead...
2008-10-20 KOSAKI Motohirohugepage: support ZERO_PAGE()
2008-10-20 Yinghai Lumm: print out meminit for memmap
2008-10-20 Harvey Harrisonmm: hugetlb.c make functions static, use NULL rather...
2008-10-20 Nick Pigginmm: rewrite vmap layer
2008-10-20 Denys Vlasenkommap.c: deinline a few functions
2008-10-20 Nick Pigginmm: page lock use lock bitops
2008-10-20 Nick Pigginmm: unlockless reclaim
2008-10-20 Nick Pigginmm: pagecache insertion fewer atomics
2008-10-20 Lee Schermerhornmlock: make mlock error return Posixly Correct
2008-10-20 Lee Schermerhornmlock: revert mainline handling of mlock error return
2008-10-20 Johannes Weinervmscan: don't accumulate scan pressure on unrelated...
2008-10-20 Lee Schermerhornmlock: count attempts to free mlocked page
2008-10-20 Lee Schermerhornvmscan: unevictable LRU scan sysctl
2008-10-20 Lee Schermerhornswap: cull unevictable pages in fault path
2008-10-20 Nick Pigginvmstat: mlocked pages statistics
2008-10-20 Rik van Rielmmap: handle mlocked pages during map, remap, unmap
2008-10-20 Lee Schermerhornmlock: downgrade mmap sem while populating mlocked...
2008-10-20 Nick Pigginmlock: mlocked pages are unevictable
2008-10-20 Lee SchermerhornSHM_LOCKED pages are unevictable
2008-10-20 Lee SchermerhornRamfs and Ram Disk pages are unevictable
2008-10-20 Lee SchermerhornUnevictable LRU Page Statistics
2008-10-20 Lee Schermerhornunevictable lru: add event counting with statistics
2008-10-20 Lee SchermerhornUnevictable LRU Infrastructure
2008-10-20 Rik van Rielmore aggressively use lumpy reclaim
2008-10-20 Rik van Rielvmscan: add newly swapped in pages to the inactive...
2008-10-20 Rik van Rielvmscan: fix pagecache reclaim referenced bit check
2008-10-20 Rik van Rielvmscan: second chance replacement for anonymous pages
2008-10-20 Rik van Rielvmscan: split LRU lists into anon & file sets
2008-10-20 Rik van Rieldefine page_file_cache() function
2008-10-20 Rik van Rielvmscan: free swap space on swap-in/activation
2008-10-20 KOSAKI Motohiroswap: use an array for the LRU pagevecs
2008-10-20 Christoph Lametervmscan: Use an indexed array for LRU variables
2008-10-20 Nick Pigginvmscan: move isolate_lru_page() to vmscan.c
2008-10-20 Badari Pulavartymm: cleanup to make remove_memory() arch-neutral
2008-10-19 Linus Torvaldsanon_vma_prepare: properly lock even newly allocated...
2008-10-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'drm-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-10-17 Keith PackardExport shmem_file_setup for DRM-GEM
2008-10-16 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'core-v28-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2008-10-16 Francois CamiRemove Andrew Morton's old email accounts
2008-10-16 Jan BeulichKconfig: eliminate "def_bool n" constructs
2008-10-16 Harvey Harrisonmisc: replace __FUNCTION__ with __func__
2008-10-16 Krishna Kumarmm: do_generic_file_read() never gets a NULL 'filp...
2008-10-16 David Gibsonhugetlb: handle updating of ACCESSED and DIRTY in huget...
2008-10-16 Andrew Mortonmm/page_alloc.c:free_area_init_nodes() fix inappropriat...
2008-10-16 Aneesh Kumar K.Vvfs: Add no_nrwrite_index_update writeback control...
2008-10-16 Linus TorvaldsIntroduce is_vmalloc_or_module_addr() and use with...
2008-10-15 Ingo MolnarMerge branches 'core/softlockup', 'core/softirq', ...
2008-10-14 Oleg Nesterovdo_generic_file_read: s/EINTR/EIO/ if lock_page_killabl...
2008-10-14 Aneesh Kumar K.Vvfs: Remove the range_cont writeback mode.
2008-10-12 Mimi Zoharintegrity: special fs magic
2008-10-12 Ingo MolnarMerge branches 'x86/xen', 'x86/build', 'x86/microcode...
2008-10-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge phase #2 (PAT updates) of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-10-10 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-2.6.28' of git://
2008-10-10 Ingo MolnarMerge branch 'linus' into x86/pat2
2008-10-09 Matt MackallSLOB: fix bogus ksize calculation fix
2008-10-09 Jens Axboehighmem: use bio_has_data() in the bounce path
2008-10-07 Matt MackallSLOB: fix bogus ksize calculation
2008-10-02 Andy Whitcroftmm: handle initialising compound pages at orders greate...