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Project Description Owner Last Change
bitbake.git Openmoko's patched copy of... 10 years ago
build-scripts.git Scripts used to build openmoko... 9 years ago
gta03-test-suite.git Production testing software... 9 years ago
kernel.git development kernel tree 7 years ago
om-locations.git Locations 10 years ago
openmoko.git Openmoko's OpenEmbedded reposi... 9 years ago
paroli.git Paroli 10 years ago
processing.git Processing 0135 with OM modifi... 10 years ago
processor.git The native library of processi... 10 years ago
qi.git bootloader for breathing Life... 7 years ago
qtopia.git Holger's qtopia repo 10 years ago
system-test-suite.git Production testing software... 10 years ago
testing_scripts.git testing team automated QA... 9 years ago
tichy.git Python applets manager for... 10 years ago
u-boot.git development tree for U-Boot 9 years ago
xf86-video-glamo.git Glamo video driver for 7 years ago
xglamo.git X driver for Glamo in GTA02 10 years ago
zecke/openocd.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 years ago
zecke/qtopia-muxer.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 years ago
zecke/taskjuggler.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 years ago